Learn the most efficient methods of cleaning and caring for your home. Our tips and tricks will show you how. Here are some tips to spring cleaning your garden, so don’t think twice when you have a spare Sunday – it’s time to clean up while you can!


Remove the debris – If the winters seemingly incessant wind, rain, and snow have done a number on your trees, start your clean-up efforts by collecting the fallen branches and scattered sticks.

Inject fresh soil – Once you have cleared your garden, early spring is the best time to take action against your weeds. If you have rich, healthy soil, then all your ground needs is a little sprinkling of compost or an organic fertiliser.

Rake dead leaves and twigs – Last year’s leaves will make great compost, but not if they keep the grass from absorbing sunlight. Thoroughly rake the yard and garden beds and, if you don’t plan to compost, investigate whether your town will be making special arrangements to collect bagged leaves.

Prune and trim – Prune back weatherworn bushes and hedges as well as any perennials. Trim damaged tree limbs and branches that you can reach so that all looks perfect and nice.

Organisation and garden plans – Let’s take it back down to basics; without light, your plants will not bloom. So when you’re going to sketch of your lawn indicating what sort of trees, shrubs, or plants you’d like to add in which places.

Start planting – Check the planting dates on your new purchases. Any plants, trees or shrubbery hearty enough to survive early spring’s still-cool nights can be put in the ground now.
Your garden is now ready to soak up the sun. But before you can do so, you may need to order brand new garden furniture to customise your garden design. Enjoy and have fun!